Vehicle Speed Limiter

  • Speed Control Devices for Cars Trucks Bus

    Sabo speed control devices can be suitable for cars trucks bus and commercial vehicles.
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  • Governor Speed Limiter

    Governor speed limiters,also decribed as speed governors, are devices that interact with a truck engine to permit the attainment of a preset maximum speed.Speed limiters are electronic controlled and mechanical controlled modules those are capable of limiting the maximum speed.
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  • Electronic Speed Controller

    An electronic speed controller or ESC is an electronic speed limiter that controls and regulates the maximum speed of vehicles.It may also provide data downloaded by use of USB flash as well as speed limitation,it’s a complete road safety solutions,not just a simple speed...
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  • GPS with Speed Limit

    GPS controlled speed limiter is a speed governor for vans tankers,publick service vehicles,cars,school buses.
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  • Adjustable Speed Limiter

    Adjustable speed limiter is an intelligent speed governor that the maximum speed can be adjustable by administrator,and will enforce to limit vehicle top speed if preset speed is reached.
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  • Speed Limiters on Commercial Vehicles

    Speed limiters can be installed on commercial vehicles,vans tankers,heavy trucks,public service vehicles and bus.
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  • Cable Control Speed Limiter

    How Cable Control Speed Limiter Work? The speed control system will limit the preset speed by controlling the mechanical accelerator pedal of the vehicle. For this type of speed limiter device,it will come with Sabo mechanical controller.
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  • Car Speed Limit Warning Device

    ​Car speed limit warning device is a system warns speeding drivers and the speed alert system shows the speed limit in external display screen and enforce to limit speed when maximum speed is reached.
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  • Fuel Control Speed Limiter

    Fuel Control Speed Limiter is a device used solenoid valves normal open or normal close to control the fuel feed to the engine for limit preset maximum speed.
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