Vehicle Speed Restrictor

Vehicle Speed Restrictor

Sabo vehicle speed restrictor or road speed limiter is a device used to restrict the top speed of vehicle for security reasons,can be widely suitable for public service vehicles(PSV),vans,heavy trucks,school bus,car,forklift and taxi.

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What Is Vehicle Speed Restrictor/Speed Limiter?

Sabo Vehicle Speed Restrictor is a speed limiter to limit vehicle top speed without affect vehicles’ normal driving, easy to detect driver’s temper behaviour. we’re a leading manfacturer of vehicle speed restrictor/speed limiter work via computer software,making a long jouney to be safety. 


◆ Speed Limiter With Data Record function

◆ Data can be downloaded by use of USB Flash and Wifi 

◆ Prewarn sound produced to warn drivers before maximum speed

◆ Mandatory speed limit when preset maximum speed reach

◆ Tamperproof. 

◆ Geo fence Speed Limiter without using Sim Card inside the device

◆ Software configuration function

◆ Data can be stored for 72 hours onboard

◆ Speed Sensor is available to work with our speed limtier

◆ Vehicle gps tracking playback can be viewed in Google map

◆ The vehicle speed restrictor/speed limiter is easy to be installed

◆ Device can be hidden in a place not accessible by unauthorized people 

◆ Widely suitable for public service vehicles,vans,truck,car,bus and forklift


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