Vehicle Speed Control Device

​Sabo Vehicle Speed Control System primary function is to control the fuel feed to engine in order to limit the vehicle’s speed to a preset value.This Road Speed Limiter(RSL) is used to pre-set top speed for commercial vehicles,in order to prevent injuries to pedestrians,passengers,drivers and goods.72 hours driving speed and other data will be store and can be viewed by use of Sabo Speed Limiter software and mobile phone APP.

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Why Sabo Vehicle Speed Control System?

Sabo Vehicle Speed Control System is a speed limiting device which can limit the speed of vehicle to a preset limit,thus improving road safety and vehicle’s operation efficency.  

Sabo Vehicle Speed Control System Features

◆ It is a Speed Limiter Recorder

◆ Tamperproof

◆ Limit maximum speed of the vehicles when preset top speed reach  

◆ USB flash download speed data,date,gps tracking playback,etc.

◆ Remote Control Setting function

◆ Geo fencing Speed Limiter.You may be able to preset different speed limit value in different area.

◆ 72 hours data can be recorded and read

◆ Prewarning drivers before reaching maximum speed. Alert sound produced continuelly if preset speed is reached

◆ The Vehicle Speed Control System are suitable for installation on car,truck,bus,taxim and commercial vehicles

◆ GPS Vehicle Tracking playback can be viewed in your computer

◆ Working without sim card,no monthly sim fee. Save cost

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