Speed Limit Device

Sabo Speed Limit Device(SLD) is a speed limiter to control the maximum speed of vehicle without affect engine power and vehicles’s normal operation.

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Why Sabo Vehicle Speed Limit Device?

Sabo Vehicle Speed Limit Device(SLD) is a speed govenor recorder to limit vehicle maximum speed preset by administrator with data record and car gps tracking function.Data can be downloaded by use of USB flash and speed reports can be readed in PDF format for management reference. 

Vehicle Speed Limit Device features

◆ Speed Limiter Recorder

◆ Tamperproof. Easy to detect tampering

◆ Limit maximum speed of the vehicles when preset top speed reach  

◆ USB flash download speed data,date,gps tracking playback,etc. 

◆ Geo fencing Speed Limiter.

◆ Software configuration function

◆ Data can be recorded for 72 hours or more

◆ Speed Sensor is available to work with our speed limtier

◆ Prewarn drivers before reaching maximum speed.

◆ The Vehicle Speed Limit Device are suitable for both diesel and petrol engine vehicles.

◆ Vehicle gps tracking playback can be viewed in Google map

◆ No monthly sim fee

◆ Save cost. 

◆ Complete solutions for road safety. Etc.

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