Road Speed Limiter

How does Sabo Road Speed Limiter work? The maximum road speed limiter is designed to limit top speed without any affect of vehicles’ normal operation.All types of our Vehicle Speed Limiter can be able to record vehicle travelling speed data and download by use of USB flash. The data will be include GPS car tracking,speed,date,time,longtitude,latitude,maximum speed,etc. The adjustable maximum speed can only be adjusted by administrator but not drivers.

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What Is A Speed Limiter?

This is a Speed Limiting Device(SLD) to electronically control the maximum speed without affect engine power and the vehicles’ normal operation. At a pre-set maximum speed, for example 80km/h, Sabo speed limiter will prewarn at a speed 5% less than pre-set speed for warning drivers, when the vehicle reach at pre-set speed 80km/h, the ECU will transmits a signal to Engine Management System which will control the vehicle’s maximum speed. The vehicles’ travelling data,incluidng gps vehicles tracking,speed,date,time will be recorded and could be save as PDF format.

If the vehicles need other optional functions, like real time gps tracking,model SPG02B will be highly recormended. We are aim to provide complete solutions for road safety, and the safety for pedestrians,drivers,passengers as well as protect our environment.


◆ Electronic Speed Limiter. It is a vehicle speed governor to limit programmed top speed by using Sabo remote controller by adminstrator.

◆ Geo fenced Speed Limiter. This model support Geo fenced speed limiation without sim card.Therefore,there is no monthly sim fee.Geo fenced top speed limit mean administrator pre-set specific maximum speed at specific areas, like town certers,airports,seaports,bus station,distribution centers and other areas.

◆ USB flash data downloaded. Vehicle travelling data could be retrieved using a computer by use of USB flash.

◆ Data could be stored for at least 72 working hours for future reference, including date, time,speed,car plate number,owner name,fitting center,installer name,installed date,GPS signal,longitude,latitude,etc.

◆ Tamperproof. Sabo vehicle speed limiters are specially designed for none drivers or any other unauthorized people can tamper with the installed devices.Easy to detec tampering.

◆ Prewarn at a pre-set speed 5% customized less than pre-set speed, Beep sound will be produced continually if speed is achieved.

◆ In a installation Sabo speed governor could be hidden in a place not accessible by unauthorized people.

◆ The speed limiter recorder could communicate with computer by use of USB flash.

◆ Wide applicable for trucks,cars,school buses,taxi and other commercial vehicles.

The advantages of using Sabo Vehicle Speed Governor

◆ Safety by avoid over speeding.

◆ Increasing engine life

◆ Increasing engine efficiency

◆ Reduce maintanence cost

◆ Reduce polution,increase environmental protection

◆ Ensure road safety for pedestrian,drivers,passengers and goods.

Technical parameters


Sabo Speed Governor

Product Name

Digital Speed Governor




6 v o 36v

Working Power


Speed Limit Deviatioin


Ant-vibration   performance metrics

Frequency 20 to 50 HZ , acceleration 1g

Electromagnetic   Compatibility

voltage of anti-pulse reaches 4000V

Applicable temperature

 -35 ℃ to 85℃


Diesel and Petrol Vehicles



Speed Sensor

Electronic and Mechanical Sensor


Yes.The speed governor recorder support to be programmed according to customers' requirements.


100% test before delivery


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