Electronic Vehicle Speed Limiter

Sabo Electronic Speed Limiter/speed governor is designed for the vehicles with Engine Management System(EMS).The vehicles usally has an electronic accelerator pedal instead of a cable accelerator pedal (mechanical throttle linkage). The electronic controller will received a pre-set maximum speed when electronic control unit (ECU) transmits a signal to the EMS controlling the pre-set maximum speed.

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What Is Electronic Vehicle Speed Limiter?

Electronic Vehicle Speed Limiter is used to control the legal top speed of vehicle without affect the vehicles’ operation,it do not allow the drivers to be over speeding,and comes with data record and gps tracking downloaded by Wifi and USB flash. The preset speed can be adjustable range from 10km/h to 150km/h by administrator,it’s suitable for all commercial vehicles worldwide.


◆ Speed Limiter Recorder

◆ Data download by use of Wifi and USB flash

◆ Geo fencing speed limit without Sim card

◆ Support mechanical and electronic speed limitation

◆ Mileage report in PDF format.It may calculate how many kilometers do the vehicles go every day.

◆ Enforce to limit the speed of vehicle intelligently,safe speed limit

◆ Data retrieval of speed record from the speed limiter recorder

◆ Can be directly view the gps car tracking playback on Google map

◆ Strong stability

◆ Easy installaton

◆ Extention USB cable for each device

◆ No need sim card but still working very well

◆ No monthly sim fee  

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