Automatic Speed Limiter

Sabo Automatic Speed Limiter(ASL) set speeds,must be within local speed restriction limits.The driver must always ensure that a safe speed is set,taking into account the prevailing traffic and road conditions.

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Why Automatic Speed Limiter(ASL)? ASL are absolutely essential for driving safety.For example preset maximum speed at 80km/h, when driver is driving at 76km/h,prewarn sould will alarm drivers, souding like beep beep beep, and it will limit the top speed preset if maximum speed is reached.there are many functions when using our automatic speed limiters,not just a simple speed limit device. Main features as below. 

◆ It is a modem speed limiter to limit programmed top speed of vehicles with no effect on the normal operation of vehicles

◆ Geograph fenced automatic speed governor.

◆ USB flash disk to download data

◆ PDF format reports

◆ Tamperproof.

◆ External speed display screen

◆ Prewarn at a pre-set speed 5% customized less than pre-set speed, Beep sound will be produced continually if speed is achieved.

◆ The speed limiter recorder could communicate with computer by use of USB flash.

◆ Wide applicable for trucks,cars,school buses,taxi and other commercial vehicles.

◆ USB extension cable for each device

◆ Easy to be installed

◆ Compatibility with environmental conditions






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