Electric Speed Limiter

  • Road Speed Limiter

    How does Sabo Road Speed Limiter work? The maximum road speed limiter is designed to limit top speed without any affect of vehicles’ normal operation.All types of our Vehicle Speed Limiter can be able to record vehicle travelling speed data and download by use of USB flash....
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  • GPS Speed Limiter

    The GPS Speed Limiter is a speed limiter recorder with GPS speed detection.It can be installed on diesel and petrol engine vehicles,suitable for all types of bus,cars,heavy trucks,taxi and forklifts.
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  • Speed Limiter Software

    Sabo Speed Limiter software is used for vehicle details configuration for our Road Speed Limiter.It’s a flexible configuration software working with Vehicle Speed Limiter.
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  • Vehicle Speed Control Device

    ​Sabo Vehicle Speed Control System primary function is to control the fuel feed to engine in order to limit the vehicle’s speed to a preset value.This Road Speed Limiter(RSL) is used to pre-set top speed for commercial vehicles,in order to prevent injuries to...
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  • Speed Limit Device

    Sabo Speed Limit Device(SLD) is a speed limiter to control the maximum speed of vehicle without affect engine power and vehicles’s normal operation.
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  • Vehicle Speed Restrictor

    Sabo vehicle speed restrictor or road speed limiter is a device used to restrict the top speed of vehicle for security reasons,can be widely suitable for public service vehicles(PSV),vans,heavy trucks,school bus,car,forklift and taxi.
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  • Car Speed Restrictors

    Sabo car speed restrictor or speed governor is a device used to restrict the maximum speed of vehicle for driving safety.
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  • Car Speed Limiter Device

    Sabo Car Speed Limiter Device is a speed governor used to limit pre-determined top speed of vehicle, prewaning drivers not to drive over speeding and providing evidents of reports for management’s refence.
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  • Electronic Vehicle Speed Limiter

    Sabo Electronic Speed Limiter/speed governor is designed for the vehicles with Engine Management System(EMS).The vehicles usally has an electronic accelerator pedal instead of a cable accelerator pedal (mechanical throttle linkage). The electronic controller will received a...
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  • Speed Limiting Device for Vehicles

    Sabo speed limiting device(SLD) is a speed limiter device for driving safety, include muti-functions like limit preset maximum speed,data record,gps vehicle tracking,USB flash download data,etc.
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  • Speed Control Device for Vehicles

    Sabo speed control device for vehicles is a device to control maximum speed to a certain speed in a particular gear. It will not allow drivers to be over speeding with data record.This data can be downloaded by use of USB flash and wifi speed limiter.
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  • Automatic Speed Limiter

    Sabo Automatic Speed Limiter(ASL) set speeds,must be within local speed restriction limits.The driver must always ensure that a safe speed is set,taking into account the prevailing traffic and road conditions.
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