Fuel Control Speed Governor

The Fuel Type Maximum Road Speed Limiter can be used for all types of vehicles,including heavy trucks,school buses,cars,ect.

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How Fuel Control Speed Limiters Work?

Sabo Fuel Control Speed Limiters is using a solenoid valve to control the amount of fuel to the injector pump at a preset maximum limited speed,thus holding the top speed at a required limit.It will prewarn the driver before maximum speed,and limit the top speed automatically if preset maximum speed is achieved without affect engine power.The vehicle travelling data can be recorded for over 72 hours,and data can also be retrieved using a computer by use of USB flash.So the speed violations and other vehicle information can be readed by authorized people.Sabo electronic technology aim to provide complete road safety solutions and the GPS Speed Limiters have been sold to over 200 countries.

Main parts below

A. Vehicle Speed Limiter

B. Solenoid Valve

C. GPS antenna

D. USB extension cable

E. Main cable

Features and Functions

◆ Digital Speed Governor Recorder

◆ Tamperproof.

◆ Data could be stored for 72 working hours onboard

◆ Data can be retrieved using a computer by use of USB flash

◆ Geo fenced Speed Governor with no monthly sim fee  

◆ Prewarn at a pre-set speed 5% less than pre-set speed, Beep sound will be produced continually if speed is achieved.For example you preset maximum speed at 80km/h,it will prewarn at 76km/h,and limit speed when it reach 80km/h.  

◆ Installation speed governor on vehicles is easy

◆ The speed limiter recorder could communicate with computer not only by use of USB flash,but also Wifi speed limiter.

◆ Free configuration software

Data Format

A. Fitting Center

B. Installer Name

C. Car Register NO.

D. Chassis No.

E. Owner Name

F. Owner Address

G. Device ID

H. Speed Governor Type

I. Speed Governor Series Number

J. Contact No.

K. Certificate No.

L. Vehicle Make

M. Vehicle Type

N. Installed Data

O. Preset Maximum Speed. Etc.

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