Electronic Control Speed Governor

Sabo Electronic Control Speed Governor is a speed limiter to limit preset top speed of vehicle which accelerator pedal is electronic type instead of mechanical/cable.

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How Electronic Control Speed Governor work? The electronic controller will be connected with ECU and acclerator pedal, when normal driving, the electrnoic controller will not work. But when driving speed reach maximum speed preset,our electronc controller will work and start the limit top speed of vehicle without affect vehicles’ normal operation.

Sabo vehicle speed governor or speed limiter have been complied with Kenya standard and is widely installed in UK,Amercia,Mexico,Kenya,South Africa,Russia,United Arab Emirates,Malaysia,Saudi Arabia,Mauritius,Oman,Rwanda,Kuwait,Qatar,Nepal,Nigeria,Lebanon,Philippines,Ethiopia,India,Vietnam,Thailand,Myanmar,Russia,Namibia,Zambia,Uganda,Guatemala,France,Germany,Singapore,etc.


◆ Digital Speed Governor. It’s a speed governor that with data record   

◆ Data could be stored for at least 72 hours

◆ Geography fenced speed governor. Specific speed at specific area

◆ Data download by USB flash

◆ PDF format reports.

◆ Tamperproof.

◆ Prewarn soud before max.speed,sound like beep beep beep beep. And prewarn will be continuelly if max.speed reach.

◆ The speed limiter recorder could communicate with computer by use of USB flash.

◆ Speed limit device installation is very easy

◆ Wide applicable for public service vehicles(PVS) and vans  

◆ Comply with Kenya Standard,Australia Standard,Africa standard,Europe standard.   


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