Digital Speed Governor

Digital speed governor is a limiter used to limit predetermined speed electronically and mechanically,in order to prevent traffic accidents for driving safety.Meanwhile,data will be recorded and can be read in computer and your cell phone.

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How digital speed governor work?The digital speed governor allows maximum pulling power until a predetermined speed limit is reached,then it starts to limit the speed without affecting vehicles’ normal operation.Speed sensors will detect how far vehicles has gone for the trips and this device comes in to assist in the retrieval and monitoring of the recorded speeds and other data.You may be able to read the violations as evidence during prosecution of careless drivers and assit in road safety and fleet management matters etc.Sabo digital speed governor has been comply with Kenya Standard and international standard.We have already got many patents,quality check certifications and ISO9001,CE,E-Mark etc.The governor has been sold in USA,UK,Kenya,Canada,United Arab Emirates,Malaysia,Mauritius,Philippines,Ghana,Egypt, Australia,Haiti,Uganda,Russia,India,Finland,Ecquador,Saudi Arabia, Norway, Tanzania,Burundi,Indonesia,Kuwait,Oman,Newzealand,Namibia,Zambia,Ghana,Libya,Jordan,Swaziland,etc.       



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