Electronic Speed Governor

  • Road Speed Governor

    Road speed governor is a limiter used to limit the maximum speed of a vehicle.The speed governor can be installed for cars,PSV,vans tankers,bus,truck and commercial vehicles.
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  • Digital Speed Governor

    Digital speed governor is a limiter used to limit predetermined speed electronically and mechanically,in order to prevent traffic accidents for driving safety.Meanwhile,data will be recorded and can be read in computer and your cell phone.
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  • Speed Governor for Vehicles

    Speed governor installation on vehicles,bus,vans tankers,public service vehicles,trucks etc.
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  • GPS Speed Governor

    GPS speed governor is an automatic speed control of vehicles using gps.
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  • Electronic Control Speed Governor

    Sabo Electronic Control Speed Governor is a speed limiter to limit preset top speed of vehicle which accelerator pedal is electronic type instead of mechanical/cable.
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