Speed Limiter in Vehicles

Automatic speed limiter in vehicles

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Over speeding is now the major cause that lead to many problems such as traffic accidents,increase your company insurance premiums,excessive wear and tear on the vehicle,elevated fuel usage and overall cost of vehicle maintenance  


Speed Limiter in vehicles with preset maximum driving speed are always available from Sabo Electronic Technology.How speed limiter works in vehicles? It support preset a maximum speed to a certain speed that you want,these devices are temper-proof and their maximum speed set speed cannot be altered by the drivers in any way once programmed.Apart from that,installation speed limiter in vehicles may also be uniquely useful in the following situations.

1. Traffic accidents due to over speeding

2. Administrator want to download the data by USB flash and mobile phone

3. In rental vehicles

4. In cities with multiple school zones

5. Fuel usage effiency is not high enough

6. Administrators want to see where their vehicles are

7. A large vehicle fleets with multiple drivers









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