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What Is The Application Range Of GPS Positioning Module?
Aug 06, 2018

The application scope of GPS positioning module is roughly divided into the following categories:

 1, GPS positioning module applied in the field of wearable equipment, such as outdoor watches;

 2, applications in the use of GPS positioning services smartphone, tablet computer, PND, DVR

 3, GPS positioning module used in industrial PDA and other portable equipment fields;

 4, the application of personal positioning and vehicle positioning and navigation tracking equipment fields, such as bus tracking positioning, taxi tracking positioning, company vehicle tracking and positioning, logistics vehicle tracking

 5, GPS positioning module used in area measurement and distance measurement, such as surveying and mapping equipment, more in the agricultural, geological fields;

 6, GPS positioning module used in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles for the precise positioning of unmanned aircraft;

 7, GPS positioning module used in the speed measurement equipment; 

    8, in the synchronous UTC time and the timing field, the GPS positioning module can also be of help, of course, the relative GPS timing module, precision is not so high, ordinary time is enough.

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