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Voice Alarm, What Are The Characteristics Of Acousto-optic Alarm?
Aug 06, 2018

In the voice alarm, a kind of power and hint signal special, call light alarm (also called light siren) is a dangerous place, through the sound and various light to send warning signals to people a kind of alarm signal device.

There are more kinds of acousto-optic alarms, one of the more special is the explosion-proof sound and light alarm, suitable for installation in the Ⅱc-level T6 temperature Group of explosive gas environmental sites, but also for oil, chemical industry and other industries with explosion-proof requirements of the 1 and 2 area explosion-proof sites, can also open, outdoor use. Non-coding can be used with the fire alarm controller of any manufacturer at home and abroad. When the production site accident or fire emergency situations, the fire alarm controller sent the control signal to start the sound and light alarm circuit, emitting sound and light alarm signal, complete the alarm purposes. can also be used with the manual alarm button, to achieve a simple sound, light alarm purposes.

    Alarm shell for all stainless steel shell, light shell strong impact resistance, 180 clear visual super bright LED light-emitting Tube, equipped with super buzzer, with stable work, long service life, low power consumption, not affected by pollutants and water and other characteristics.

    1, each fire zone safety exit should be set up fire sound and light alarm, its location should be located in each floor aisle near the exit of the staircase.

    2, with a number of alarm areas to protect the object, it is advisable to choose with voice warning fire alarm, voice should be synchronized. 3, the same building in the installation of a number of fire alarm, should be able to start and stop all fire sound alarm work.

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