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The Function Of Automobile Speed Limiter
Aug 06, 2018

Speed limit function: is a speed limiter, with speed-limiting function, when the vehicle needs to limit a maximum speed, so that driving will not exceed the set speed value, just go to this speed, hold down the speed limit button for three seconds, the vehicle is the highest speed has been set, the driver again how to step on the accelerator, shift, speed can only be limited to the fixed speed value.Not because of the rusty on the accelerator, and suddenly appear high-speed and cause accidents.

School bus safety has become the focus of our attention, for the school bus speed limit, loading speed limiter, but also to reduce the safety of school buses a major initiative. Many vehicles passing through the factory area will also limit the speed to avoid speeding accidents. But there is no speed limit device, but not with the car stare at the driver, so the annual accident is also a lot of, to the company, manufacturers bring huge losses to so many families bring misfortune, with this product, as long as the set speed, it will not worry about speeding again.

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