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How Much Is The Speed Limit Of Forklift Reasonable?
Aug 06, 2018

According to the relevant state regulations, forklift in the indoor speed limit is 5km/h, outdoor is 10km/h. Forklift is an industrial vehicle, is a pallet cargo for loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transport operations of various wheeled vehicles.

ISO/TC110, an international standard organization, calls it industrial vehicles, often used for the transportation of large items in storage, usually using fuel machines or battery-driven. The technical parameter of forklift is used to show the structure and performance of forklift truck.

Its main parameters are: Rated starting weight, load center distance, maximum rising height, door frame inclination, maximum driving speed, minimum turning radius, minimum ground clearance and wheelbase, track and so on.

Forklift is widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, circulation centers and distribution centers, in the cabin, carriages and containers for pallet cargo handling, handling operations, pallet transport, container transport, essential equipment. At present, the safe driving of forklifts is an important aspect of 6S safety management of enterprises, the speed of forklift driving too fast and lead to frequent safety accidents, but also more and more people pay attention to. Double-BAO electronic forklift speed limiter came into being, the real implementation of the accelerator pedal does not affect the normal operation of the situation, the maximum speed of control forklift. Its electronic speed, a variety of alarm locks and other characteristics also better assist drivers day-to-day work, to achieve a installation, lifelong worry-free requirements, the basic solution to the enterprise's safety problems in the factory lane.

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