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Diesel Forklift Truck Speed Limiter Maintenance Standard
Aug 06, 2018

1, forklift engine starting easy, a variety of rotational speed accessories running evenly, change the speed of the excessive smooth, good work.

2, forklift engine integral parts temperature is normal, oil pressure, cylinder pressure to meet the requirements.

3, forklift clutch should be combined with a smooth, complete separation, no slippage, shivering phenomenon, pedal free trip to meet the requirements.

4, the forklift speed limiter should maintain normal working condition, check the forklift truck speed limiter surface is clean, there is no corrosion.

5. The fixing bolts of the speed limiter of the forklift, and the sockets and brackets between the parts must be firm.

6, Mechanical throttle control line movement unobstructed.

7, to ensure that the forklift speed limiter in the surface of the control device clean, no corrosion, water immersion.

8, double-BAO electronic forklift speed limiter in the control device and wiring harness must be firmly connected.

9, forklift hydraulic torque converter work reliable, smooth, no overheating, shivering phenomenon. 

10, forklift transmission shift should be light and flexible, no disorderly file, jump-file phenomenon.

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