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Characteristics Of Automobile Speed Limiter
Aug 06, 2018

When the required speed is reached, the highest speed is set, within this speed can be normal driving, when the speed reached the set rate, such as the vehicle set 80 km/h at more than 80 km/h speed, the vehicle will automatically alarm, a Chinese female voice will send a hint: "You have been speeding!" , the system will automatically adjust the throttle, reduce speed, but will not stall, practice has proved that no matter on the downhill road, the vehicle will not exceed the limit speed, which in China's speed limiter products are the best effect.

When the vehicle speed reaches or exceeds the pre-set speed value of the car limiter, the throttle plus does not exceed the set speed. If the car speed limiter is set to 120km/h, the speed limit is exceeded 120km/h. More than 115kmh will send automatic alarm. 

1, remote settings function, administrative personnel permissions change.Can be adjusted from 0 to 99 km range of effective speed limit;

2, the application of a wide range, you can use the 12v~24v on the pull machine pedal car.

3, lightweight, simple installation, the use of the full floating shockproof design, good seismic performance;

4, the power cord has a short-circuit design, built-in overcurrent protection circuit, good stability;

5, does not change the engine structure, adopts the safe speed-limiting mechanism, safe and reliable;

6, maintenance-free, mechanical contact, electronic plus mechanized design features, one installation, lifelong worry-free;

7, can be accompanied by early warning voice prompts function, prompting the driver to develop good driving habits.

8, two-level speed setting, warning speed can choose to alarm, limit speed servo mechanism action speed limit;

9, waterproof grade of 8, can be soaked in water to carry out work;

10, working voltage range dc12v~24v; 11, the work of small power consumption, only 5 W, suitable for a variety of cable accelerator models.

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