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Car Speed Limiter
Aug 06, 2018

A car speed limiter is a device used by a car to limit its speeds. It is divided into electronic speed limiter and cable speed limiter. The accident caused by speeding cars is very thoughtful, especially the school bus, coach car, speed limit of the tanker, mixing car, factories and mines internal transport vehicles, all need a certain speed limit. Security is the most important, and limiting speed should also be a forceful move.

The market and the lack of such products, especially the Pull line accelerator vehicles, so many people are doing their best to enact regulations to eliminate speeding phenomenon, in order to avoid the accident caused by speeding disaster. In view of this social problem, the host program controls the speed-limiting speed of the vehicle listed. 

Solve the problems that have plagued people for a long time, the market launched this product cable throttle car speed limiter using the Host program Control vehicles, intelligent chip controls, limit the speed of high precision, stable and reliable performance, does not affect the start of the accelerator, does not affect the power torque, but limit the maximum speed, speed limit, reduce the accelerator but not flameout, At the same time to ensure the speed limit within the throttle pedal free movement. Speed limit value of the critical point has issued a voice alarm early, can inform the driver in advance to reach the limit speed, such as the vehicle set 80 km/h at more than 80 km/h speed, the vehicle will automatically alarm, and then accelerate, forced intelligence to reduce vehicle speed.

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