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Application Of Tracking Locator
Aug 06, 2018

The first domestic voice MMS GPS locator for the column, built-in national .

Map data, without background support, combined with GPS Global Positioning System, GSM communication technology, embedded voice broadcast technology, GIS technology, GIS search engine, image processing technology and image transmission technology, directly reply to the terminal Chinese address, MMS, or voice broadcast location. 

Using mobile phone LBS Base station positioning Technology Road song tube car treasure Tracking Locator, it is based on SaaS mode, without the installation of GPs and other equipment, the mobile phone number registration into the system can be positioned on the phone. Tracking Locator application in the logistics industry, logistics dispatch to the carrier's mobile phone number registration route song tube car treasure, can be real-time positioning of the vehicle to meet the logistics of the positioning, tracking requirements, well received by the Logistics Management staff favorite.

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