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Anti-collision Radar Warning System For Reversing
Aug 06, 2018

Reversing anti-collision Radar Warning System Monitor installed in the rearview mirror, it kept reminding the driver car from behind the object still have how much distance, to the dangerous distance, the buzzer began to tweet, let the driver stop.

When the retaining lever hangs in reverse gear, the reversing radar starts to work automatically, ranging range reaches 0.3 to 2.0 meters, so it is very practical for the driver when parking. The reversing radar is the equivalent of an ultrasonic probe, on the whole, ultrasonic probes can be divided into two categories: one is to generate excess waves by electrical means, the second is to use mechanical method to produce ultrasound, in view of the current more commonly used piezoelectric ultrasonic generator, it has two of electric chips and a resonant plate, when the bipolar plus pulse signal, Its frequency is equal to the intrinsic oscillation frequency of the piezoelectric wafer, the pressure chip will resonate and drive the resonant plate vibration, the mechanical can be converted to electrical signals of this process, which became the working principle of ultrasonic probe.

In order to better study ultrasound and use it, people have designed and produced a lot of ultrasonic sounder, ultrasonic probes are used in the use of car reversing radar. This principle is used in a non-contact detection technology, it is simple to calculate, convenient and rapid, easy to achieve real-time control, distance accuracy to achieve industrial practical requirements. The reversing radar is used for ranging, and at some point it emits an ultrasonic signal, in the face of the measured object after the return of the signal wave, is received by the reversing radar, you have to use in the ultrasonic signal from the launch to receive the echo signal this time to calculate the propagation speed in the medium, which can calculate the probe and the detected object distance.

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