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Analysis On Safety Management Of Forklift Work In Factory
Aug 06, 2018

Forklift, is an important role in logistics and transportation, is the plant material handling, large cargo out of storage, enterprises heavy loading and unloading of the main equipment.

And as a special equipment in the factory, forklift speeding operations are often criticized, this is also a forklift truck safety accidents are the culprits. 

According to the analysis of a large number of vehicle injury accidents in the factory, the main factors that affect the safe transportation in the factory are as follows: 

1, the technical condition of the vehicle is poor: such as braking failure, steering failure and so on. 

2, the driver's safety technical quality, the forklift truck speeding violations. 

3, the operating environment of the plant, transportation line planning unreasonable, material stacking is not well planned.


In order to ensure transport safety, must do:  

1, the vehicle must meet the safety requirements, regular acceptance of the Labor Department safety inspection, and obtain the driving permit to drive. 

2, vehicle brakes, steering gear, horn, lighting, rearview mirror, double-treasure forklift speed limiter, double-treasure overspeed alarm equipment must be kept in full effective, driving on the way, if there is a failure, should immediately stop repair to continue driving. 

3, the vehicle in the use process, must carry on the regular maintenance, in order to make the vehicle always maintains the good working condition. 

4, should be the vehicle's forklift speed limiter, forklift and other equipment to carry out regular inspection, timely detection of vehicle failures, and maintenance to prevent the occurrence of accidents. 

5, the driver must be assessed by the Labor Department, and obtain a driver's license, square driving vehicles, obtain a driver's license in the actual work, but also continue to learn to improve driving skills. 

6. The driver should be familiar with the performance and technical condition of the driving vehicle that he learns, and can find fault in time and eliminate it in time. 

7, the driver should regularly undergo a medical examination, where the person suffering from driving contraindications may not be engaged in driving operations. 

8, the driver should comply with the safety rules of the factory transportation, not speeding, not overloading, do not open the sick car. 

9. No license-free vehicles shall be driven.

10, according to the process flow, freight and the nature of the goods, choose the appropriate mode of transport. 

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