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What is GPS dual-frequency positioning
Aug 06, 2018

GPS signal working frequency is divided into L1, L2, L5 and several other bands:

  L1 Band: 1575.42mhz±1.023mhz

  L2 Band: 1227.60mhz±1.023mhz

  L5 Band: 1176.45mhz±1.023mhz 

The previous GPS positioning using L1 band, is a single frequency positioning mode; At present, there are GPS chips using L1+L5 band for positioning, called multi-frequency positioning technology, such as BCM47755 chip on the claim to support L1 and L5 multi-frequency positioning: Note that there is a (GNSS) binary positioning concept, and GPS dual-frequency positioning is not a thing at all

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