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Traffic Recorder function
Aug 06, 2018

1, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road, if and they have a scrape, there may be extortion, if there is a traffic recorder, the driver can provide effective evidence for themselves.

2, the monitoring record playback, accident responsibility at a glance, traffic police handling accidents quickly and accurately, not only can quickly evacuate the scene to restore traffic, but also to retain the effective evidence of the incident, to create a safe and smooth traffic environment.

3, if each car is installed on the vehicle recorder, the driver is also afraid to travel illegally, the incidence of accidents will be greatly reduced, the car will be other vehicles are recorded by the vehicle recorder, traffic accident escape will be greatly reduced.

4, the court in the trial of road traffic accident cases, in sentencing and compensation will be more accurate and evidence-based, but also to the insurance company to provide evidence of claims.

5, encounter professional touch porcelain and highway robbery, traffic recorder will be able to provide the decisive evidence of the case: The accident occurred at the scene and the appearance of the perpetrator characteristics.

6, like to drive a friend, you can also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and hardships.

While driving the video while walking, while the time, speed, location are recorded in the video, the equivalent of "black box." 

7, can be used at home as DV photography life fun, or as a home monitoring use.

You can also do parking monitoring at ordinary times.

8. As journalists are not prophets, the news of the fall of Russian meteorites is almost entirely recorded by the recorder.

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