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GPS Navigation
Aug 06, 2018

GPS is a global positioning system, it is a omni-directional, all-weather, full time, high-precision satellite navigation system. At present, several bands have been opened to provide services for civilian use. However, due to the error of satellite ephemeris, satellite clock, the influence of atmospheric troposphere and ionosphere on signal, the noise error of receiver itself and the blocking of the objective environment such as greenhouse, canopy and so on, the positioning accuracy of the system is only dozens of meters.

This is far from achieving the requirements of agricultural machinery positioning. With the in-depth research on GPS positioning, in recent years, differential positioning technology (such as DGPS, DGNSS) has appeared, and its positioning accuracy is up to centimeter. The differential GPS system contains one or more GPS receivers installed at known coordinates points as the reference station, based on the measurement of GPS satellite signal by reference station, the positive amount is calculated, then the differential correction quantity is advertised to the user receiver (also called the Mobile station) in the Difference service area to improve the positioning accuracy of the receiver. For agricultural machinery GPS Automatic navigation uses more real-time dynamic difference (RTK), because it is a dynamic user to provide real-time precision positioning technology.

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