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Forklift Overspeed Alarm
Aug 06, 2018

Forklift Overspeed Alarm is also called forklift speed limiter. It uses today's Advanced micro-computer control technology, intuitive digital display, two-level speed detection, multi-level alarm control, and can be high fidelity voice Alarm, set the detection speed and voice with power off retention function. 

When the overspeed time exceeds the time stipulated by the system, the alarm keeps the highest speed of speeding, even if the power is unplugged and then the maximum speed is displayed, until the administrator uses a special remote control to lift the alarm. It contains two sensing methods, and only one of them can be used: the first is a conventional metal sensor and the other is a wireless sensor. One of the highlights of wireless sensors is easy to install, the use of non-contact wireless sensors, greatly improve the previous problems of product installation inconvenience.

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