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Characteristics of overspeed alarm for forklift truck
Aug 06, 2018

Remote setting function, within 10 meters range can be remote settings;

Small remote control buttons, simple operation, full-featured;

4-level volume can be adjusted for different occasions to set the volume;

External speaker alarm, loud voice, good quality, alarm sound up to 120dB;

Two kinds of alarm tips: super bright lights, voice alarm.

External super bright alarm lights on the forklift speeding light tips;

Using WT series speech chip as the core of alarm circuit, the alarm voice can be changed at will;

Two-level speed setting, more than the different levels of speed, there are different voice warning alarm;

Alarm lock time can be adjusted 0-99 seconds, forklift speed continues to exceed the preset speed, in the set lock time above, automatically lock alarm;

Waterproof Grade 8, can be soaked into the water for work;

When using the metal sensor installation method, the On-off oil circuit function can be used;

Using wireless sensor, greatly simplifies the installation;

Operating voltage range dc12v~24v;

Work small power consumption, only 5 W. With overspeed recording function, can record 9,999 times overspeed record.

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