Speed Limit for Forklift Trucks

Speed limit for forklift trucks is telling forklift operators to slow down and continually reminding them to use reasonable speeds are great ways to promote safe forklift operations.

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We’re professional Forklift Speed Limiter/Forklift Speed Alarm manufacturer from China.These are Speed Limiting Devices for forklifts trucks,the main functions has mandatory speed limit,light warning,voice alarm and remote control setting,etc.

Why Sabo Forklift Speed Limiter and Forklift Over Speed Alarm?

1. Monitro or control forklift speed

2. Set a plant or area speed limit

3. Comply with speed policies set by corporate offices

4. Reduce damage to their physical facility

5. Reduce damage to their forklift

6. Reudce damage to their products

7. Improve the level of safety among forklift operatiors and pedestrians

8. Reduce accidents,injuries and near miss incidents

9. Identity Speeding forklift operators

10. Keep OSHA satisfied









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