Forklift Speed Limit

Forklift Speed Limit

Forklift Speed Limit is to help transport and storage operation heighter safety and reduce cost.

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Forklift over speeding is one of the most common cause of injury among forklift accidents in the workplace.If the drivers accelerate or brake too quickly,forklifts can tip or overturn that will cause injury to drivers themselves and damage to forklifts.For sometimes,it will occur forklift accidents due to speeding.Thereby,controlling speed and safe brake distances in your warehouse,making it a safer place for not only forklift drivers but also pedestrians as well.However, many forklift drivers are often not fully aware of the speed limitations of their forklifts.Sabo Forklift Speed Limiters may be helpful for control forklift maximum speed and prewarn sould and lights alert will be produced when preset is reached.For any forklifts safety solutions and inquiry,contact us now please!   











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