Forklift Speed Limit in Warehouse

Forklift speed limit device in warehouse and factory for pedestrians and forklifts drivers’ security.

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The forklift speed limit control system is a device designed for motor vehicles,especially for forklifts trucks,to stop over speeding drivers by limiting the forklift travel speed without affecting hydraulic lifting power.The forklift speed limit control system can be widely used for diesel,gas and electronic forklifts, and are mainly for factory,warehouse forklifts safety management.we have now several types of forklift speed governor, such as forklift over speed alarm,forklift speed limit alarm,forklift speed limiter and forklift speed controller. With regarding to speed sensor, we are using wire speed sensor because of wireless speed sensor is not accurate and unstable for speed calibration or speed detect.

Our customers brand includes

Toyota,Nissan,Linder,TCM,Dawwoo,Hyundai,Clark,Crown,Mitsubishi,Jungheinrich,Heli,Tailift and other diesel,gas,electronic,fuel,batterry powered forklifts trucks.  









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