Cable Contorl Forklift Speed Governor

Cable Contorl Forklift Speed Governor

Forklift Top Speed Limit can be adjustable by remote controller,it has light and sound alarm for warning forklifts drivers.

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How does forklift top speed limiter work?

Forklift is controlled by main engine with smart chip to limit top speed in stable and reliable function without affect on throttle and dynamic torque. Limit speed by reducing throttle instead of shutting down, at the same time ensure free action of throttle pedal among the limit speed.

When the forklift speed reaches the setting values, the throttle controller receives the instructions sending from master control program , to adjust throttle length intelligently, ultimately control vehicle’s speed. When the car speed is below the setting values,  the throttle controller stop working while the throttle backs to normal working condition.

Remote Setting Functon


Forklift Speeding Alarm SP02

SP02A-1 Mechanical Forklift Speed LImiter  & SP02A-2 Electric Forklift Speed Limiter


Data plus

Data plus


Data minus

Data plus





A.Over speed alarm setting
B.Light warning setting
C.Reverse over speed alarm setting

Max.speed preset


Lock the forklift when overspeeding for the time set

Buffer time for speed limitation setting



Accelerator ontroller working time:3 seconds for mechanical controller.0 senconds for electronic controller and neutral position



pre-warning setting.

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