Speed Limiter with GPS Tracking

The tamperproof speed limiter is a car speed limiting device with gps tracking function and data record.

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The speed limiter do not allow drivers to driving overspeed,and record travel speed at intervals of 5 seconds.All the data can be retrieved and downloaded by using USB flash,Wifi and Bluetooth.This device is tamperproof,for example,if the preset speed is 80km/h,Sabo vehicle speed limiter maximum speed has been tamper or speed sensor has been cut,maximum speed will be 40km/h automatically.And violations can not only be printout alone in the last one hour,but also will be transmitted to administrators.   

Features and Functions

◆ Vehicle Speed Limiter. Force to limit speed to a certain speed that you have preset

◆ USB flash download speed data

◆ Geo fencing speed limiter

◆ More than 72 hours data can be recorded at intervals of 5 seconds

◆ Violations can be printout for the last one hour driving.

◆ Support connecting portable printer by USB extension cable and bluetooth via your mobile phone

◆ Portable printer prevents drivers from printing

◆ All violations(overspeed,tamper maximum speed,fatigue driving,enter and out of fence,emergency brake) will be transmmitted to platform

◆ Any lose of signal between the device and the storage system for more than 5 minutes will automatically email alarm to adminitrators.

◆ Free configuration software

◆ Tamperproof  

◆ Real time GPS vehicle tracking


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